The Law Office of Shiloh K. Hoggard, P.L.L.C., represents employees and employers in employment law matters. Specifically, we represent clients in matters involving anti-discrimination laws (Title VII, ADA, ADEA, FMLA), sexual harassment claims, wage and hour claims, employment contracts, non-competition agreements, and employment-related business tort claims. We also represent clients in wrongful termination cases.

Occasionally, clients are still employed and are not interested in pursuing formal legal action. Yet, they are having problems at work and need legal advice. Sometimes, it is simply helpful to understand your rights. In other instances, a client may need guidance and assistance in reporting a workplace problem. If you are having a problem at work, it is important that you seek the advice and consultation of an attorney immediately. Important time limitations govern employment claims, and even if you are still employed, you may need to take prompt action. If you do not take appropriate actions in a timely manner, you could be barred from pursuing your claims.

If you believe that you are in need of an employment law attorney, contact us immediately.